Residential Electrician

Your home is your most valuable asset and you rely on its electrical system for your everyday needs from providing light to keeping your refrigerator working. This is why it is so important to choose an electrical company you can trust. At Poway Electrician, we make safety our first priority. All of our electricians our licensed, bonded and insured to provide all of your residential electrician needs. They are true experts at what they do and will get the job done right the first time around.

Just because we are experts at electrician, it doesn’t mean we don’t know the importance of customer service! Our Poway electricians will treat you and your home with respect while getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and at prices you can afford.

Our Residential Electrical Services

Electrical Inspections and Troubleshooting
Our expert electricians can inspect your electrical system and give clear-cut options for fixing any problems. You can always count on us for an accurate, honest evaluation and cost estimate.

Residential Electrical and Lighting Installations
Whether you are doing a remodel or need electrical work in a new home, Poway Electrician can help. We work with you to meet your schedule while staying in budget. We can even help with outdoor electrical installations, such as installing lighting systems for your walkway.

Electrical Repairs
Having problems with your electricity? Poway Electrician will quickly diagnose and fix the problem. With so many years of experience, you can count on us to swiftly get your electrical system running safely again.

Wiring and Circuits
Electricity is carried throughout your home through circuits and wires. To make sure your home is safe, we can assist with wiring and circuitry services.

Surge Protection
If your home experiences a sudden increase of voltage, such as from lightning or down power lines, it could cause significant damage to your electrical devices. Rather than risk destroying your TV, computers, and stereos, call Poway Electrician for our whole-home surge protection services.

Electrical Panel Upgrades
There are many reasons why you might need to upgrade your electrical panel, such as if your old panel is of inferior quality or is maxed out. Poway Electrician can help keep your home safe by upgrading it to a high quality panel which will be trouble-free for years to come.

No matter what your residential electrical needs are, Poway Electrician is here to help! We always meet all federal and state regulations while providing, safe, affordable services. Call us today to schedule a service call.

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