Emergency Electrician

You never know when an electrical emergency might occur but, thanks to Poway Electrician’s 24/7 emergency electrical services, you will never have to go without power for long!

We have electricians standing by at all hours of the day and night and can usually provide a 1-hour response time. Our electricians will show up to your home or business in trucks which are fully-equipped to make most repairs. Just because you are having an electrical emergency, it doesn’t mean you should settle for anything but the best service. No matter the time or day or night, you can expect expert electrical services, fair prices, and the best customer service from us.

Call us now and an emergency electrician will promptly be dispatched to your home or business.

Helpful Advice for Electrical Emergencies
• If you see sparks or smoke, get out of your home at once and call the fire department. Do not risk your family’s life by trying to fix the problem yourself!
• Remember that electricity can be dangerous. If you experience a problem, play it safe. Turn off your circuit breaker and call for help.
• If your home floods and you experience electrical problems, do not try to turn off the circuit breaker yourself. Call for professional help instead!
• If your electricity cuts out, unplug all major electrical appliances (refrigerator, stove, air conditioner, TV, appliances, etc.). This will prevent an overload when the power comes back on.
• Have flashlights and battery-powered lamps handy in case of an electrical outage.

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